Welcome to Hindwell Farm. We are a family run, traditional mixed beef, sheep, pork and arable farm situated in the rich, fertile lowland of the Radnor Valley in beautiful Mid Wales.

Together, we proudly farm Hindwell, which has been in the family for 3 generations. Our 12 year old son George has a very keen interest on the farm and manages his own micro egg selling business from his 20 chickens. He also helps with the stock and has a great interest in tractors!

Here at Hindwell, we are proud to produce high quality grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef and grass-fed lamb using sustainable, traditional management practices which give unrivalled flavour and taste to our meat.

Our Welsh White pigs are home-bred and home-reared meat in a huge, spacious straw barn, and are fed solely on our own home grown cereals and fodder beet.

High animal Welfare

Animal welfare is central to our system with a high emphasis on health, and freedom to display natural behaviour. Whole farm standards comply with red tractor farm assurance schemes, and we have a very proactive relationship with our vets to prevent health problems before they happen.

Traditional livestock husbandry dictates seasonal supply in contrast to intensive production, typical of what is found on the shelves of big retailers.  Our meat availability therefore depends upon the time of year and what stock we have ready.

We post updates on our availability on the website and on our face book page and all our meat sales are sold directly on farm. We have recently started shipping our products so please ask about delivery and we will try to accommodate.

Quality & Value

We sell our meat in quantities that allow us to provide you with great quality home-reared meat at fantastic value.  The bigger the order the better the value .We typically sell box size quantities, but if you struggle for freezer space we are most happy to send smaller quantities as required and will do our best in terms of pricing.

Traditional, Sustainable Farming

The sustainability of our farm is driven by low input management systems. Farming methods such as rotational grazing, minimal tillage cultivation, crop rotation, and composting of organic manures are all utilised wherever possible to ensure the sustainability of the farm.

Mixed farming reduces the overall use of agrochemicals and therefore enhances environmental sustainability. This is complemented by the effective recycling of nutrients which minimises the need for artificial fertilisers. Such a sustainable soil policy results in retention of soil organic matter, promoting water conservation and minimising soil erosion.

The end result is an efficient, sustainable, bio-diverse farm bearing minimal impact on the environment. It also produces fantastic tasting quality meat.

Marketing Our Meat

In November 2018, we attended The Royal Welsh winter Fair in Built Wells where we were selected to showcase our fantastic Aberdeen Angus Beef at the Agora Start Up Farmers Market. We were proud to present the Prime Minister, Theresa May with a selection of our prime Angus steaks and in return we received a personal thank you letter from the Prime Minister herself.

Our farm also featured on BBC News night in November where we were interviewed by Katie Razzall regarding the impact of Brexit on the future of our farming business. We were honored to have our voice heard on national television and thank the BBC for giving us the opportunity.

Luxury Farmhouse Accommodation

We also offer 5* Self-catering Accommodation in our beautiful Grade 2 Listed Georgian Farmhouse, with spectacular views of the lake and surrounding Welsh Hills.  Accommodation is available all year round and can sleep up to 10 people on a self-catering basis. Please see our Accommodation page on the menu tab.