Sheep Sales

Over the past 10 years we have bred a successful flock of around 700 Easycare x Exlana x Abberfield wool shedding ewes. This modern composite breed has been bred to lose its wool naturally, and now we spend no time managing wool. By selecting animals against problem traits such as dirty tails and foot rot, we have cut out much of the labour and costs associated with traditional sheep breeds.

We now genotype stock rams for resistance to foot rot, as well as for Texel muscling genes. Also, we aim to reduce treatment costs for worms by analysing saliva samples from potential breeding stock for antibodies against gastrointestinal worms. Ewes are lambed out with minimal intervention, and we aim to feed sheep nothing other than grass, plus fodder beet during winter.

Quality Ewe lambs, plus a few performance recorded ram lambs are available for sale from late summer onwards, please contact us for further details.

Cattle Sales

We calve around 70 cows, mostly now Aberdeen Angus, many of which are pedigree. These traditional black animals are docile in nature and a pleasure to work with. We select bulls using estimated breeding values, in recent years largely from Mr John Biggs’ excellent Blackacre herd, which, in turn has utilised the best Scottish breeding available.

Our first concern when selecting breeding stock is ease of calving, and this has paid off to the point where we rarely calve a cow. We test every year for Johnes’ disease and BVD, and we monitor for IBR and Lepto.   Our herd currently has a TB Free status and is accredited free from BVD, IBR and Leptospirosis. Calves are 100% polled, and dehorning is a thing of the past.

Cows are fed a diet of straw and silage during housing in the winter months, whilst growing cattle have a diet of grass silage, cereal silage, rolled cereals and beans. As soon as spring approaches we rear all our cattle out at grass for as long as the weather and ground conditions permit. Our young cattle are slowly matured and finished at around 24 months, and the beef commands a premium price.

Quality Bulling heifers andyoung bulls are offered for sale yearly, so please contact us for availability.

Enquire about Livestock Sales

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